NC medical board game reveals $6.9M prize fund

JUNJI BOARD GAME – $6,928,531.31 (est.)

– NCAAs prize fund, $1 million.

The game, which was created in the US and features more than 500 characters from a variety of backgrounds, is a new take on board game mechanics that have been a staple in Japanese culture for decades.

The new game is based on the classic Japanese kōkō (card game) game, and features characters from the popular Naruto manga series and more than 250 other characters from around the world.

The $6 million prize fund is an effort by the NCA as a reward for making the game a hit.

A $1,000,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts will help fund the game’s development.

It’s unclear how the game will be sold.

The NCA has been working on new board game concepts since 2008, but only released one version in 2011.

In October of that year, the agency announced that it was launching a new boardgame initiative, and that it hoped to create a game similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Japanese gaming industry is also in the midst of a resurgence of tabletop games, and with more than 10,000 games on the market, there’s plenty of room for new games.

The company’s new boardgames are not yet complete, but they will be made to look similar to the original Japanese game.

For instance, the company is aiming to make the game look like the Nintendo 3DS, with characters and artwork from the series’ franchise.

The latest boardgame released was also the first to feature the iconic kōkinjima, which is used in the Japanese title of the game.

In Japan, the kōki, or kōinjima are an ancient Japanese symbol for a person who has accomplished great deeds.

“We’re aiming for a lot of different themes,” the company’s head of marketing and distribution, Yoko Matsuzaki, told Polygon in a statement.

“For example, we want to make a game about the people who made the world’s largest water purification plant in the 20th century.

We want to create an immersive experience with lots of different characters from Japan, including famous characters from manga, video games and other popular anime and manga.”

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