How to pronounce borkie: What’s a buckie, and why does it matter?

As the country grapples with its opioid crisis, the question of the pronunciation of borkies is a hot topic.

The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky has a detailed guide to the most common words and phrases to know when trying to pronounce the word borkerie.

The word borks comes from the French for bakers, and in some regions it means “mushroom” or “cannabis.”

It was invented by French chemist Louis Baudrillard in the 1920s to describe cannabis-based preparations.

But many of its uses today involve smoking the plant, which also has a history of being used medicinally.

The most common pronunciation of the word is borki.

In North Carolina, it’s called borka, while in Michigan it’s spelled bork.

But as Zapotoski notes, the word “borkie” has been in use for decades.

The name bork comes from a French word meaning “to smoke,” and the pronunciation itself is a blend of “bunny” and “chupacabra.”

It comes from French bakes, and the first known use of the name borks was in 1924.

But the word was only pronounced as “borks” by its first American reference in 1922.

In 1928, William G. Ehrlich, an assistant professor of English at Harvard, wrote a letter to a magazine about the pronunciation.

“I am a graduate of Harvard College and have been taught that this word is derived from the verb baudrillards ‘to smoke,'” Ehrich wrote.

“It was probably invented for the purpose of making baudries marijuana and its derivatives.”

According to Zapotosk, the first instance of the term was in 1856, but it wasn’t until 1935 that the word actually became widely used in the U.S.

Ehrlich’s letter is among the earliest recorded mentions of the concept of the “buzzword,” according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

The earliest known use was in 1935 by an editor of the popular medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine, according to the dictionary.

That’s the first time that the phrase has been recorded in print.

Ellington and Ehrling’s letter was first published in the journal’s Journal of Medical Phycology in 1935, according a source familiar with the incident.

By that time, the buzzword was widely used, the source said.

In 1939, it was recorded in a report in the American Journal of Psychiatry, which is a medical journal.

The first recorded use of “Borkies” came in the form of an ad in the New York Daily News in March 1939.

The ad said: “Buckies, the latest crop of weed, are a strain of cannabis that produces a more potent, hallucinogenic effect than cannabis, but can produce mild or no intoxication.”

The ad is based on a real article that was published in The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in 1937, and it’s based on an article in the same journal that was printed in 1929.

It’s unclear if Ehrliys letter was the first mention of the buzz word in print, or if it was written about the new cannabis.

Ehnleiths letter also isn’t the first reference to the word.

In 1949, the Associated Press quoted a professor of anatomy at Columbia University, Dr. Arthur J. Ochsner, who said that he had studied the word in medical literature and found that it “was one of the earliest and most widely used terms to describe the psychoactive properties of cannabis.”

Ochsners work is considered one of his more influential writings on the plant.

According to his book, The Cannabis Epidemic: Cannabis and the Future of Medicine (Penguin, 2013), Ochssner wrote that the term “bud” came from the German word budstütze, meaning “green.”

But he said he thought the word came from “bunnies” or bunnies in the bushes.

In his book of that same name, Ochsen also wrote that he’d never heard of a “buds bud” before he came across the term.

In 1950, the term became so widely used that a newspaper in Florida reported that the governor of Florida was considering a bill to restrict the use of cannabis in public spaces.

The AP reported that a reporter for the paper had been at a marijuana store and was asked to “take a few photos” of a large display case that was being sold to a woman in a pink sweater and jeans.

The reporter was not wearing pants.

The reporter asked the woman to explain to him why she was using the marijuana store’s cannabis products.

She told him that she was growing it for her son and had used it for years to

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