Texas dental board to take over ‘popular board games’

Texas dental boards are taking over the popular board game “Pictionary” and other popular boardgames from a veteran board game manufacturer.

Boardgamegeek reported Friday that the Texas Dental Board of Governors will start taking over ownership of “PICTURES” and “LINK” and will also license the game to the game companies “Dice” and DiceLand.PICTURE and LINK are the first board games from the Texas Board Game Awards, the board game awards for game developers.

The award shows games from local and regional game makers.

DiceLand, the maker of “LOST”, will also get the rights to “PICOS” and its spinoff “MORPHUS” board game, and Diceland is already licensed to other game makers to create board games.

BoardGameGeek first reported the news, which was first reported by The Dallas Morning News.

The game makers told The Associated Press that they have a number of games in the works, and the board board game industry has been slow to adopt new technology and games, especially new board game categories.

Board games are played by three players, but there is no scoring, so players have to make decisions to advance the game and win the game.

There is also no point total for success.

Board game makers have long struggled with making games that appeal to children and adults, as well as new gaming genres.

A number of board game developers, including DICE, have abandoned board games altogether.

The board game community is split on the issue.

One thing board game makers agree on is that the game is important.

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Follow the board games:Board Game Awards: “PIXEL,” “LIVE,” “WATERMELON,” “BOGEY,” “POPSTAR”

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