Why people don’t play video games

Catan, the board game about building castles and trading them for gold, is one of the best-selling board games of all time, and it’s being re-released for the first time in nearly 20 years.

But some critics say the game’s long history and influence on the culture it spawned is under threat.

Read more at Recode.com”I think there’s a lot of pressure to change the game because of the culture, because of social issues,” said Roberta Kaplan, founder of the nonprofit game design and licensing group GameCrate.

“There’s a huge push to make it more modern, more modern-day, and that pushes people away from the original.”

“The catan community was in a very weird place when we started Catan,” Kaplan told Recode in an interview.

“It was sort of like, we want this to be more relevant than it was.”

That shift has been happening at the core of Catan’s appeal, too.

Its core gameplay is a mixture of card games and board games, with the board games giving you the ability to play with up to 10 other players in a single game.

But Kaplan said that’s changing, and she hopes Catan will change its way of thinking about games and its future.

Catan has always been a game about expansion, she said.

That’s what keeps the game fresh, but it’s also why it’s a favorite among the board gamers it’s aimed at.

“People will play for a long time, they’re not going to be bored,” Kaplan said.

The biggest reason for that, Kaplan said, is that Catan has so many different games that it doesn’t have to be boring.

Catan is a game of expansion, but there’s also a game called Catan the Expansion, in which you can expand your own castle and play other games to complete it.

“Catan is just a game that has a lot to offer,” Kaplan added.

“We’re very excited about that.”

Catan started as a hobby, but after several years of development, the game is now a staple of board games.

Kaplan says it’s the most popular board game out there.

“It’s not just a new thing,” Kaplan explained.

“Catan’s a game people love.

It’s a very popular boardgame.

So people really, really enjoy playing it.”

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