College Board lawsuit alleges fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of contract

The College Board has filed a lawsuit against the makers of a slice of cheese board, claiming that the board was marketed as a college-oriented “edge” board for use on campus and that the company falsely represented that the product could be used for both gaming and sports.

The complaint, filed on Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, also alleges that the College Board “negligently promoted and marketed” the product in misleading marketing materials, such as an “edge board” that includes a “chipboard edge” that makes it easier to cut a pizza.

The College’s legal team, however, argues that the “chip” in the edge board is actually a “slice of cheese” and that it is only used for cutting pizza, not for gaming.

In its complaint, the College alleges that a number of the claims made by the College’s lawyers about the product are inaccurate, misleading, and deceptive.

“Defendants are not the ones selling the product, and neither are they the ones who are selling it,” the complaint reads.

“They are selling a slice.”

The College said in a statement that it has “strong concerns about the inaccuracies and misleading statements” in its lawsuit.

The board has been marketed as “college-oriented” since 2012, when it was unveiled to the public.

The original College Board design, which is the subject of the complaint, features a single white stripe that runs across a grid of circles, with an inverted circle on top of the other three.

The edges of the slices can be turned around and cut, and the edges can be flipped to create different shapes.

The boards, marketed as being used for “edge boards” that could be applied to “golf courses, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, and other locations,” are designed to be “easily operated by any student,” the College said.

College Board lawyers have argued that the chipboard edges are used to improve the board’s durability.

The chips in the chip board are a polymer that can be manufactured from materials like polyethylene, polystyrene, and nylon.

College board lawyers have also said that the boards can be made with a variety of colors, with the chipboarding edges being red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, pink, white, and brown.

The college board also said in the lawsuit that its products are made with “plastic materials” such as “microfiber,” “polyurethane,” and “polyester.”

“Plastic, polyester, polypropylene, and microfiber are commonly used in products for gaming, but they are not appropriate for gaming boards,” College Board said in its statement.

“Plastics are the same as Styrofoam and other plastic materials used in gaming equipment, and are not a good choice for gaming board use.”

The board’s designers say that the plastic in the boards is designed to reduce the amount of plastic that is in contact with the board during gaming.

College of Design students also have taken issue with the College of Directors’ claims that the college board’s chips are made of an alloy of aluminum and titanium, arguing that they are likely to cause “substantial” or “unreasonable” damage to the boards.

“The College of Designer’s claims that they use titanium are misleading and not backed up by the facts,” College of design director Lauren A. DeBruine told The Daily Beast.

“We are aware of several high-profile complaints from high-schoolers about high-tech toys that are made from titanium and not aluminum.

Titanium is not a particularly good material for gaming.”

The complaint also alleges a “false representation” that the chips are “made from a ‘hardened’ silicon wafer that has been tempered, or has been chemically treated with an abrasive.”

The chipboard is “made of a mixture of aluminum oxide and silicon oxide,” according to College of Engineering director Andrew L. Siegel, who is representing the College.

“This combination is very abrasive, and if you use it to cut pizza, it will be a disaster.”

Siegel added that the use of the chip-based design could cause damage to certain components of the board, such “hardening of the silicon surface or cracking or fracturing of the ceramic chip.”

College of the Arts dean of students James E. P. Smith also sent a letter to College Board CEO and cofounder Steve Ellingson and the College in February claiming that “all of the materials on the CollegeBoard boards are made in China” and “have been fabricated using a proprietary process that results in a high-quality product.”

“There is no credible evidence that the materials in the Collegeboard products are any different from any other high-end consumer product manufactured in the U.S.,” Smith wrote.

“As a result, the claims by the defendants are based on incorrect information and are untrue.”

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