Cruise critic boards cruise line

Critics of the $2.6 billion cruise line have boarded the company’s new luxury cruise line.

Cruise Critic is scheduled to sail in 2019 from Florida to Puerto Rico and from San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the United States and Mexico.

It will be the first cruise line to offer charter service in Puerto Rico since Carnival Cruises, which operates in the Caribbean, pulled out of the territory in 2017.

The Caribbean Cruise Line says the new line will help boost tourism to Puerto Rican territory by adding more than 20 million people to its economy.

Cruiser Critic has a charter option for people with disabilities.

The company said it will begin booking people on January 1, 2019.

Cruise critic board members said they wanted to show their support for Puerto Rico by helping to fund the project.

They plan to meet with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló and other leaders to discuss the cruise line’s future.

“We believe this will be a great step toward establishing the island as a tourism destination for generations to come, and it is also a demonstration of the support that the island and its people are already showing toward this ambitious project,” said Cruiser Criteras CEO Scott Czolgosz.

“The Caribbean Cruise Lines and its employees are very proud to serve Puerto Rico.

We will work together with our customers, our partners and the local government to continue to build the island’s tourism industry.”

Cruise critics are concerned that the Caribbean Cruise lines will not offer the same level of service as its sister cruise lines.

“They’re making a lot of promises, but they’re not actually delivering,” said Paula Kline, a San Juan resident and former cruise critic.

“It’s a shame that the world is taking a vacation on these things, and they’re leaving Puerto Rico without paying their fair share.”

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