Nickel Board’s lawsuit against the NCAA over its ‘Nickel’ logo

NCAA president Mark Emmert and vice president of public relations and marketing Tom Bosenko have filed a lawsuit against Nickel Board, accusing the NCAA of using its trademarked logo and other trademarks to promote the game.

The lawsuit alleges that Nickel Board and its parent company, the Nickelodeon Entertainment Group (NEG), violated trademark laws, including the Lanham Act, and the Trademark Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Nickel Board is a video game company that sells educational video games that are sold through video games consoles.

It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The lawsuit says the NCAA used its trademark and trademarked logos to promote Nickel Board games.

“The NCAA, through its use of Nickel Board as a logo, seeks to use its marks to promote its games as an educational tool for children,” the lawsuit reads.

“Nickel is a trademark of Nickelodeons parent company NickelodeON and the NCAA seeks to capitalize on the Nickel Board logo to promote educational products.”

The lawsuit says that Nickel board games are not educational products, but are meant for entertainment purposes and that the NCAA and NEG are using its mark to promote those products.

“Nickel board games do not include instructional material that is required for the education of children,” it says.

“Nor do they contain the interactive elements of NickelBoard games.

The NCAA and its affiliates, including its affiliates in the United States and internationally, do not sell or distribute any NickelBoard products.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, in its official policy, has stated that ‘educational products’ are not games and that they are not intended for children.”NEG’s use of the Nickel board game logo to market the Nickel boards educational products constitutes unfair competition,” the suit says.

The lawsuit goes on to say that the use of logos to market educational products is a violation of the Lanam Act.

It says that the National Collegio Association has filed an antitrust complaint against Nickel board for using its logos in connection with its games, but that NEG has filed its own complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission against the use and promotion of the logos by the NCAA.”

The purpose of the antitrust complaint is to bring attention to the antitrust issues surrounding the NCAA’s use and sale of trademarks for products that are not educationally oriented,” it said.

According to the lawsuit, the NCAA alleges that the trademark infringement stems from the use by NEG and its affiliate in connection to the sale of educational games that NickelBoard game consoles are intended for.

The NCAA said in a statement that it is reviewing the lawsuit.

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