Scythe Board Game: What it’s all about

The Scyblade board game is a 2D card-game of swords, swords and swordsmen, set in the universe of Scyblenauts.

It is a fun game, especially if you enjoy games that have a strong theme like sword fighting.

However, this is a board game and that is a big selling point.

I would say that the main selling point is that this is the first ScyBlade board game to have a single-player campaign mode.

It was a huge hit when the game was first released, as you would expect.

Players who started the campaign mode received a limited edition version of the game, and those who did not receive it were given a copy of the original game.

Since then, more and more copies of the campaign have been released.

Scybackers have been asking for more Scybacks, and the team has been working hard to bring this game to a wider audience.

There is a ScyBacker forum, which is a good way to get in touch with the developers, as well as the Scyberex subreddit, which has a community of enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting this game.

It would be nice if the developers would share more information about the campaign, since this is not the first time the campaign has been announced.

The developers have also been trying to make the game easier to learn, by including a tutorial that gives a little history lesson.

The tutorial will be available for free on the game’s Steam page in the coming days.

The developers have said that the Kickstarter campaign is being made possible by the community, which they hope will help make the Scythes a bigger hit.

I hope that the community does as well, because this is one of the best games that Scyfront has ever made. 

 (source)  What are your thoughts on Scybeats Kickstarter campaign?

Let us know in the comments below.

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