What will happen when a group of activists, including a lawyer, tries to take control of the Australian Greens’ leadership?

The Australian Greens have voted to elect its first female leader, but the party has no clear plans for a new leader, despite a slew of female candidates including Jillian Skinner, the former Australian Greens leader.

Key points:Green MP David Shoebridge is the new leaderThe party has yet to choose a candidateThe Greens have only fielded one female candidate in their current leadership raceThe Australian Greens has made no secret of the fact it is facing a leadership crisis, with the party’s only female member in the parliament, David Sholebridge, facing calls for her resignation.

Ms Shoebery, who is also the party chair, was elected as an independent in September, having previously served as the Greens’ deputy leader and deputy secretary of the party.

Ms Skinner was elected to the NSW Parliament in October.

Both Ms Shoeber and Ms Skinner have been campaigning for the party to have a female candidate on the ballot paper, although the Greens are yet to formally announce any candidates.

Ms Wodehouse has been nominated for the leadership by the Greens.

Ms Wokehouse is the first female MP in the party history.

The Greens say it is time to change the party, which they say has been “dominated by men” for too long.

“We’ve been left behind in this country for too many years,” Greens MP Scott Ludlam told the ABC’s Lateline program on Sunday.

“We have got to get on top of the challenges that we face.”

He said Ms Sholebery was a “true and principled progressive” who had the “right temperament” to lead the party into the future.

“What I think she will bring to the party is her passion and the willingness to change things in the organisation, which is a rare thing,” he said.

“The last few months have been a difficult period for the Greens, but I think it is important that we do get the Greens back on the track of being a progressive party.”

Ms Woehouse’s election as a member of the NSW Legislative Assembly in September led to speculation the party could change its leadership after its leader, Bob Brown, resigned over the alleged misuse of taxpayer funds.

Ms Brown was a close ally of the then leader, Nick McKim, and Mr Brown is believed to have told Ms Wodehouses he would not be the Greens leader if she did not step aside.

But in a statement, Mr Ludlam said Ms Wokeby’s election would not change the Greens “in any way whatsoever”.

“Our party has been and continues to be a party that has been dominated by men,” he told the program.

“As a party we must always strive to build on the foundations laid by past leaders and look forward to building on the legacy of past Greens and New South Wales governments.”

The Greens will hold their first national conference on May 26.

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