Aboard the Operation board game

Aboard Operation is a board game that lets you ride a skateboard in a zombie apocalypse, and now you can own the game as a gift!

According to a post on the board game’s website, you can buy Operation from its official Facebook page for $20.

That’s a bit cheaper than the regular $40 price tag.

You can also pre-order the game, which comes with a copy of the boardgame itself for $30.

The game has a limited run, and you’ll need to get the game in person to reserve a copy.

You may want to go with a friend to play this game.

It’s a fun game that’s easy to learn and is fun for kids and adults alike.

The game also includes a poster with a map of the entire operation and a handout of the game rules, including instructions for the game.

If you don’t have an Xbox One, you’ll also need to download the game and redeem the code to play.

If you don.t have an Apple device, you’re also able to play the game on your phone or tablet.

You can play the Operation game on Windows or Mac OS X, but it won’t work on any iOS devices.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, the board’s game designer, Dan Stegeman, said the game’s goal is to raise awareness about the pandemic and its effect on the world.

It wants to make Operation the top-selling board game in the U.S. and the top selling board game of all time.

Stegeman told Business Insider that he originally planned to make the game a gift.

He also hopes to do some fundraising.

The board game also has a Kickstarter campaign in the works to raise funds for Operation, but there is currently no set date for the campaign to launch.

If Operation does go live as a game, it’s going to be available to purchase for $40.

You’ll need a copy to get it, and the campaign is still running, but Stegman has no details on how much he’s raising.

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