College board asks students to ‘stop blaming’ parents

A college board has asked students at three universities to “stop blaming” parents for their failure to graduate in the fall.

The College Board has sent out its 2018 College Graduation Progress Report and asked students to rate their own graduation rates by comparing it to other graduates and other graduates in similar schools.

“We know that many students who attend colleges that have a higher percentage of black and Hispanic students are more likely to graduate,” the report reads.

But many of those students graduate with only a high school diploma.

And they aren’t just being blamed for their poor grades: The report found that students at the University of Missouri and Penn State who had a GPA of 3.0 or higher were nearly 50 percent more likely than students who had average grades to have their grades fall.

The report also found that more than one-quarter of black students who attended the University at Buffalo had a low GPA and that one-third of black male students had a high GPA.

It also found the racial disparities in college graduation rates between black and white students were much larger in institutions that offered bachelor’s degrees.

College graduates from the three schools were much more likely (44 percent) than those from public institutions to graduate with bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and about four-fifths of black graduates had no bachelor’s degree compared to about one-fifth of white graduates.

The College Action Alliance, a nonprofit group that has called for racial equity at the nation’s colleges, has said colleges need to be held accountable for their graduation rates.

At the University-Penn State, for instance, nearly one in three black students, or 27 percent, failed to graduate after graduation, compared to just 14 percent of white students who were given that same grades.

For the entire class of 2019, black students at Penn State had a graduation rate of 3 percent, while white students had an graduation rate that was about 6 percent, according to the report.

That disparity was even more stark when the data was broken down by gender.

Black women had a higher graduation rate at Penn States, at 7 percent, than white women, at 5.9 percent.

In the case of Penn State, the racial gap between white and black students in graduation rates was even larger, with black students graduating at a rate of 8.5 percent compared to white students, at 4.6 percent.

And at Penns flagship campus in State College, where black students are the majority, they were about 15 percent of the class of 2020, but only 2 percent of graduates, the report found.

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