How the world is being told the Rajasthani story

Rajasthan, India – In an era of unprecedented political and cultural dominance, it was a surprise when the Rajya Sabha unanimously voted to send a new Rajasthaani song to the national anthem in 2019. 

It was also a surprise to see that the first Rajasathani film was released a decade after the song’s debut. 

And it’s a wonder that the country’s new anthem is still so different from the one sung by the countrys first Rajya-appointed chief minister, whose coronation in January was marred by allegations of corruption and nepotism.

A recent article by Piyush Goyal in The Hindu has been a welcome relief for many in the country.

He has highlighted a series of problems in the current anthem, particularly in the verses of the second line: “The new king has been chosen for you, he will govern you.

Let the country be your protector and be proud of you.

He is a king of justice and a ruler of justice.

Let him rule you.” 

The new anthem, according to the author, is “almost as if the country was not aware of the new king’s identity”.

This new anthem has been criticised by the BJP and the Congress for being insensitive to the plight of the people of Rajasandasand, in particular the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST).

The new anthem does not mention Dalits, Jats, OBCs, Scheduled Caste and Schedulers.

It also does not name the victims of lynchings, the country is currently embroiled in a caste war and the country has faced numerous killings of Dalits.

A country in which the first songwriter is Keshav Rastogi, who is the son of a Brahmins, is one of the few places in India where the new anthem can be read without a translator.

This is a rare and positive step forward for a country that is not yet at the stage of making a song that is appropriate for the times.

The new Rajya government has also been quick to embrace the songs and poems of Raja Gajanan Singh.

The first song, written by Raja Shri Gajan Singh (1891-1970), is Shastri Shastri , a song of justice for the oppressed. 

The second song, Shabani Shashtana Singh (1903-1984), is an anthem of empowerment for the downtrodden. 

Raja Gaurav Singh (1910-1989), the second son of the Raja of Rajkot, is a celebrated poet, novelist and musician who is credited with coining the name Raja Shishtana.

The song, which has become an anthem in the past decade, was also the subject of an important film, titled Sajra Punya.

In the film, the song is played by actor Shruti Dutt who plays a woman who is a victim of a lynching.

The song was sung by a member of the cast of Bhojpuri and Chitra Sri Ram.

Rajasthan has not only been given a song but also a songbook.

The new Raja government has announced that the songs will be printed, along with their verses, at the library of the State Theatre.

The government has been careful not to be overly concerned with the lyrics. 

“We are happy that the new song has been issued.

It is an honour for the state that the song has received the stamp of approval,” Raja Prabhu Yadav, the director of the library, told The Hindu.

The government has already been sending a copy of the songs to every household, the government said.

Rajahans Sadhvi, an advocate, has also welcomed the move.

“It is an important step forward to give voice to the song in a new anthem.

The lyrics should be clear, and the music should be appropriate to the time and place,” she told The Hindu. 

This is a welcome step for the people who are suffering under the new Rajashtami.

The national anthem is a national document and the new songs will hopefully give voice for the plight suffered by the people in the name of the nation.

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