The ‘batten-board’ is back, this time in the UK

There’s a new kind of barge for you to board.

This time it’s an eight-metre steel tube that can be loaded onto an open barge.

It’s designed to transport a passenger or crew from a dock to a port, ferrying passengers and cargo in a relatively small boat.

The concept is inspired by a ship that was constructed in the 19th century.

But the barge is not designed to accommodate a large number of people.

Instead, it’s designed for a single, small boat to take people around the world.

This is the world’s first fully functional, non-nuclear, barge that can carry ships on an open sea.

Its predecessor, the ‘cedar board’, has a maximum capacity of only a couple of people, according to the BBC.

But this new barge can transport two.

The barge was built by Swedish firm RMS Cedar, with help from Danish company RMS Jørgensen.

This year, Cedar and Jørggensen began shipping barge to the port of Vladivostok in the Far East, where the world is now, on a non-commercial basis.

RMS has built and operates a number of busses, which can carry up to six ships at a time.

The two barge models, the new “Cat”, and the older “Batten” are designed for use on shipyards, for cargo transport and for long-distance cargo.

It takes four people to row a Cat, while the four-person Batten has a capacity of eight people.

RBS Cedar said the Cat will be built in a “high-volume” way, and that it will carry up of five million tonnes of cargo each year.

The “Battle” will be constructed in a smaller, “high volume” way.

The vessel will carry 15,000 tonnes of freight a year, it said.

The first of these ships will be sent out to sea in 2019.

The design of the new berserk ship was first developed by Swedish company RMT Börne, and was unveiled in 2012.

In 2015, RMT Cedar joined forces with Jørsen Sæbjerg, the owner of RMS, and the Danish firm Jørn Jøres Löfberg, to develop a barge design based on the ship.

Jørlund, a Norwegian company, has built the ship in partnership with Jörgens company Jøn Sæbø and will make it operational in 2019, it added.

Jörggens Sæbræg said it wanted to use the berg for a variety of purposes, from “long-distance transport and cargo, to long-haul container transport, and even for passenger transportation.”

In 2018, it built a similar barge, called the “Bånger” – a five-metres-long vessel that can transport four people and four cargo containers.

This version of the berk was built in 2016 for the Norwegian and Danish ports of Jøgens and Lofoten.

J&G will also construct two bergs in the Danish port of Røgsø, at the port in Værøya, as well as in the Norwegian port of Ørnsund.

The Norwegian firm Værløya has built two berk ships, including one in 2016.

These two ships are designed to ferry about 10,000 containers a year.

“We hope that by combining these two vessels, we can achieve a high cargo volume, and an even higher cargo capacity, for our customers,” the company’s president, Johan Røge, told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

“By making these ships, we are able to reduce our total costs of operation significantly,” he said.

As well as the berserking ships, J&amps Börnes shipbuilding company is also building barge-building ships for the Danish company Löff.

These ships are called the Tuggerød, and are designed with the same concept of modularity and modular construction.

The shipbuilding companies have been working closely together for several years, and will be the first Danish company to build the two ships together.

They will be delivered in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Røgensen said it hoped that the berry-laden ships would be “a milestone in the evolution of shipbuilding technology, with a large proportion of its customers already involved”.

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