When does the next round of sanctions start?


April 3.

This is the day a draft of the UN Security Council’s new sanctions resolution will be voted on.

The vote has been postponed until April 10, after the UN Secretary General and the Permanent Representative of the United Nations, Samantha Power, meet.

The resolution will now be put to a vote in a special session called by Russia, the United States and China.

How long will it take for the vote to take place?

A vote is expected in the Security Council on the draft resolution.

The UN Security Court will have to uphold the result.

What is the UNSC resolution’s effect?

The resolution would require countries to cease all trade with Iran and to limit all trade and investment with Iran, unless it agrees to a series of conditions, including halting enrichment activities, lifting all sanctions, and fully implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Iran, along with six other countries, has already agreed to the conditions.

How will the sanctions affect other countries?

Under the draft, the US and EU have already suspended trade with Iranian oil, and China has announced it will suspend all commercial transactions with Iran.

What happens if Iran fails to meet the conditions?

The UN resolution would make it much harder for Iran to continue enrichment activities.

But it also says that Iran must agree to suspend all sanctions on Iran, as well as to the release of political prisoners.

If Iran does not meet the measures, the sanctions will be lifted and Iran will be allowed to continue its enrichment activities as planned.

What do the new sanctions mean for US-Iran relations?

President Trump and his top aides have already called the sanctions a “total and complete capitulation” to Iran, a position they have defended.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also said that the US is “uncomfortable” with the sanctions, saying that Iran is not “living up to its commitments” to end its nuclear program.

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