Why ‘The Lego Movie’ Has More Fans Than ‘The Hobbit’

When “The Lego Batman Movie” debuted in theaters on March 25, 2017, it had a cult following in the world of video games.

It had the biggest box office opening in history, a star turn from Chris Pine, the most successful film franchise of all time, and the first-ever Lego movie, according to industry analyst Michael Pachter.

The Lego Batman movie has sold over three billion dollars since its release, more than the entire U.S. box office gross of “The Avengers.”

But even the biggest of blockbuster franchises have problems when it comes to popularity.

“The LEGO Batman Movie,” a sequel to “The Hobbit” with a screenplay by Mark Wahlberg, is still struggling to become a $1 billion-plus movie, as its initial theatrical run was only about $600 million.

That’s a staggering number of fans.

But it’s also a far cry from the millions of fans who are eager to see a movie with a strong story and strong characters.

In fact, according, an August 2017 study from the Washington Post, only one in three fans of the first “Lego” movie would give it another chance.

That means a very low level of engagement with a movie about a fantasy world of robots and superheroes.

In short, “The Lego Batman Movie is one of the worst-performing movies of all-time, according in a new study.”

Lego Batman,” however, is not alone.

Many popular franchises struggle to break even when they do hit the big screen.

According to the film industry research firm ComScore, the first three “Legos” movies in the “Star Wars” series, “Legoland” and “Toy Story,” each grossed between $50 million and $70 million domestically.

The biggest hit of all, however, was “The Simpsons” in 1997.

Its first installment grossed $70.5 million domestically, with “The Return of the Simpsons” and the follow-up “The New Simpsons” each making more than $100 million.

The success of “Legolas” and its sequels is a clear example of what happens when a franchise hits the big time, but it’s not the only time.

But Disney’s “Zootopia” and Universal’s “Frozen” have also earned over $1.5 billion, with each one topping $100 billion. “

Finding Dory” has made over $500 million worldwide, making it the biggest movie of all times.

But Disney’s “Zootopia” and Universal’s “Frozen” have also earned over $1.5 billion, with each one topping $100 billion.

The results are not great, and Pixar’s success is not without its challenges.

Disney’s film is an animated animated Disney property, which means it doesn’t have a strong studio-based brand.

Its animation style has been compared to Pixar, but “Finding Zootopia,” which has a cast that includes voice talent from Pixar, was directed by “The Lion King” and is not part of Disney’s Disney Pixar Studios.

Pixar, however has a much larger worldwide footprint than Disney’s films.

It has animated the films “Cars” and other “family” movies, and Disney’s animation team is also responsible for the animated “The Jungle Book.”

In the end, “Finding Finding” is a hit, but Pixar is a different story.

It’s Pixar’s animated movie that has been the most profitable film of all the “Legoes.”

Disney has earned more than any other studio to date, with revenues of more than twice that of Pixar’s.

This year, Disney will have a total of more money than Pixar has ever had in its entire history.

That makes “Finding Pixar” one of Pixar, Pixar, Disney, Disney.

And it makes a whole lot of money.

Disney also owns Pixar Animation Studios, the film production company that produces “Finding” and has made money for its film studios since 1997.

That year, the company made a profit of $11.3 billion.

This makes it one of only four studios to have made more than Disney during that same period, according the film finance site Box Office Mojo.

That puts Disney at the top of the money list, though it’s still far from Pixar.

“Zooplankton,” Disney’s biggest hit to date has grossed over $2.2 billion domestically and more than half that in China, making Disney the second-biggest producer of animated films behind Pixar.

This may not sound like much, but the film has a big impact on how Disney plans to pay its debt and its future, according Michael Pfeiffer, the CEO of ComScore.

“It’s the first time that Disney has been able to produce an animated film that has had a major impact on a film’s box office profitability,” Pfeiffs said.

“In other words,

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