When the government goes to war, it usually does so for the wrong reasons

By MICHAEL GONZALEZ and MARIANNE FISCHERLEThe Washington Post – Mar 26, 2020, 10:08:10A few days ago, we saw the first glimpse of what could be a major crisis in U.S. foreign policy.

The news that the government of North Korea had been secretly selling its oil for about $2 a barrel to China.

A day later, we learned that President Trump had signed a new arms embargo that effectively banned all American exports to North Korea, except for the military goods it had requested.

And then we saw another big picture.

In a speech at the State Department, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he was “deeply concerned” by North Korea’s continued nuclear and ballistic missile tests and threats to attack the United States.

The speech was a clear indication of how deeply divided the Trump administration is over the nature of U.N. sanctions on North Korea.

The problem, of course, is that the United Nations sanctions on Pyongyang are based on what Trump calls a “strategic patience” approach, which basically means the administration does not want to see North Korea collapse and the United State starts to use military force to rein in North Korea as quickly as possible.

That’s not the case in any case.

The reason for this is simple: North Korea has a huge, strategic advantage.

It has enormous strategic assets, like a submarine and ballistic missiles that can be launched in a very short time from the sea.

And the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Japan have nuclear weapons.

China has huge strategic assets too.

It could do what North Korea did with its weapons, if it wanted to.

The United States, by contrast, is fighting a war against an Islamic State terrorist group that has a significant military and economic advantage.

That means the United Nation is on the verge of a conflict that could easily escalate into a full-blown war.

So if the Trump government is serious about dealing with North Korea diplomatically, it needs to do a better job of explaining why it’s so serious.

The U.K., the United Arabs Emirates and other major powers should start using the same language that Tillerson used in his speech.

We’re talking about the United Nations, not just North Korea and Iran.

The U.NS. sanctions are designed to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program and end its ballistic missile program.

North Korea says it has no nuclear weapons and is not interested in them.

They also argue that the sanctions will hurt its economy.

They say the sanctions are unnecessary because North Korea can continue to develop its weapons and technology without U. N. sanction.

And they argue that, despite the sanctions, the North Korean regime is unlikely to give in and give up any of its nuclear and missile capabilities.

In a speech last month, Tillerson said, “the United States cannot, in good faith, ignore these credible threats to the peace and security of our friends and allies.”

He added, “We must respond in a way that does not sacrifice the peace of our hemisphere.”

But the U.A.E. and Japan, which have nuclear warheads and missile programs, don’t seem to agree with this assessment.

In March, the three countries announced that they would begin testing a new type of missile, called the KN-17, that can hit targets outside of North America.

But Japan and the A.U. also have long-range missiles that could hit Japan and South Korea.

So the U,A.T. and J.N.’s decision to move forward with these tests is a sign that the Trump regime is willing to use force to prevent North Korea from getting its nuclear or missile programs up to speed.

In his speech at State, Tillerson also said that North Korea is a threat to the world.

He said,The North Koreans are a threat because they continue to threaten the security of the United states.

And their nuclear and military capabilities pose a threat not just to the United nations, but to the entire world.

The Trump administration has been reluctant to say anything about North Korea since it was sworn in.

But it seems that Tillerson’s speech on Thursday may be the start of a shift.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose regime has been accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, is expected to meet Tillerson for the first time at the United World Trade Center in New York City.

Trump has been working hard to win over the North Koreans and has shown a clear willingness to use the U of A’s speech to push back on their claims of a lack of nuclear weapons capability.

He’s also been pushing hard to make it easier for China to help the U!

T.I. to get a deal on the North Korea issue.

If the Trump White House wants to be seen as serious about doing something to curb North Korea or stop the threat to our security, it’s going to have to use these new weapons in a different way than it has been used

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